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Film Portofolio


Emily, (34) tries to escape her violent husband, Robert. One day, she finally decides to leave with her son Oni to her parents in Greece. At the border, she realizes that Oni cannot leave Albania without the permission of his father, but Emili knows that Robert will never give him. Yllka, her mother-in-law offers to adopt Oni and later help him leave. Emily agrees. The situation between the two women escalates when Emili realizes that Yllka wants to keep Oni in Tirana.

Running Time: 74 minutes
Script & Directed: Ajola Daja
Producer: A.R.Production, Arta Dobroshi
Executive Producer: Rezar Gjoka
Actors: Arta Dobroshi, Luiza Xhuvani, Noel Miraka, Lulezim Zeqja
Director of photography: Erald Deda
Editor: Eliodor Markja, Ajola Daja
Made Of Dust

Margarita (56) was released after serving 8 years in prison for the murder of her husband. Found in the dilemmas between her new life, the confrontation with her daughter Oriana (33), who finds it difficult to accept her in her family and the legacy of her prison friend to save her daughter, she will have to fight hard with her dignity and the dark past.

Skenari dhe regjia: Ajola Daja

This documentary details the life and work of the world famous Albanian photographer Gjon Mili. From his beginnings as an immigrant coming to America, to the application of his<br /> innovative and pioneering techniques in photography, through his encounters with statesman and<br /> celebrities, this exploration also examines his celebrated stop action photograph of a single drop of water as it falls and finally splashes… the very essence of life. The fascinating art of<br /> photography is revealed through the artistic and human dimension of Gjon Mili.

Script & Directed: Yllka Gjollesha & Suela Bako
Producer: A.R.Production
Videographer: Leander Larja, Erald Deda
Editor: Eliodor Marja